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Parking Heaters Webasto

Parking Heaters Webasto

What parking heaters does Webasto offer?

Water heater

Cold engines have low efficiency, which increases their wear and reduces their useful life. This means higher fuel consumption and higher costs. The best solution is to install a Webasto water heater. It is integrated into the engine cooling circuit and heats the engine to operating temperature before it is started. This ensures that it is ready for commissioning even at very low outside temperatures. In addition, the interior is heated to a pleasant temperature, and fuel-consuming idling during breaks is unnecessary!

Webasto water heaters are available with an output from 2.2 kW to 35 kW.

Air heater

Comfort and warmth in the cabin during breaks and at night. A cozy, warm cabin before starting work, good visibility without ice and snow - all this is easy to install and use. Air heaters make vehicles more comfortable, more efficient and cheaper to use in winter!

Air heaters heat the air directly in the heater and lead it to the cabin. This guarantees very quick and efficient heating of the cabin. Webasto supplies air heaters with outputs ranging from 0.9 kW to 16 kW.

We offer a wide range of spare parts and complete parking heaters by WEBASTO (AirTop, Hydronic, ThermoTop).

All detailed information can be obtained by calling +48 503 302 310 or by contacting us by e-mail:



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Webasto AT2000 ST 12V OEM 1302772B

Webasto AT2000 ST 12V OEM 1302772B

Regular price: 664,47 € net514,39 € netLowest price in 30 days before discount: 514,39 €

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