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New or remanufactured injectors?

New or remanufactured injectors?

New or remanufactured injectors?
Unit injectors are used for hydraulic fuel injection in a diesel engine. They consist of e.g. consisting of a cylinder and a piston performing reciprocating motion. Through a lever with a roller, the piston is driven by the cam of the camshaft. In compression-ignition units with a capacity of more than 9 liters, there may be one of two groups of injection systems:

  • electronic unit injectors – mounted in the cylinder head and driven by the camshaft,
  • unit pumps – mounted directly in the engine block or in the so-called closed auxiliary unit.

Due to the restrictive emission standards, Common Rail injectors are more and more often installed in trucks. It is an innovative system, which, however, is characterized by an average lifespan. Common Rail injectors usually last 200-250 thousand kilometers. Replacing with a new one is a significant expense for the vehicle owner. A much more economical solution is the regeneration of injectors.

When to regenerate injectors?
The need to repair or replace the injection system arises when its components are damaged. Failures depend on the following factors:

  • exploitation intensity,
  • incorrect assembly,
  • air in the fuel system,
  • low fuel quality.

In one car, they may appear after 200,000 kilometers, and in another only after 300,000 kilometers.
Symptoms that should arouse vigilance and lead to detailed diagnostics are:

  • "smoke" when starting the engine or rapid acceleration,
  • sharp, sour-corrosive smell of exhaust fumes,
  • problems with starting the drive unit (especially at low temperatures),
  • higher fuel consumption,
  • uneven or "knocking" engine operation.

The working parameters of a used injector are changed. As a result, the fuel supply to the cylinder may be too high. This causes uneven operation of the drive unit.

What is injector regeneration?

Regeneration of injectors is to restore their original efficiency. The process itself is advanced and divided into several stages. Regeneration performed in accordance with the art allows for complete removal of damage. The condition of the injectors can be restored almost to the factory parameters.

Regeneration of injectors consists of the following stages:

  • removing the injectors from the engine,
  • cleaning the injector elements using an ultrasonic cleaner,
  • removal of impurities with a hot cleaning agent applied under pressure,
  • replacement of worn elements that cannot be repaired,
  • replacement of seals,
  • conducting a comparative test of injection transfers,
  • spraying and cleaning test,
  • measuring the working parameters of the injector in the electric circuit,
  • installation of injectors in the engine.

Why injector regeneration is a better solution than buying new components? Primarily because of the price-quality ratio. Properly performed regeneration allows you to restore injectors parameters close to factory ones. At the same time, their price is lower by up to 60% than brand new parts. Regenerated injectors can serve reliably for another 200-250 thousand kilometers. In the case of entrepreneurs with a fleet of truck-tractors, this is a significant saving for the company budget.

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