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NOx Sensor - what is it for.

NOx Sensor - what is it for.

NOx sensor for the NOx treatment system

The NOx sensor is part of the NOx aftertreatment system used in diesel vehicles with urea-based SCR systems. A sensor upstream of the SCR catalytic converter directly measures the NOx concentration of the engine, which helps determine the optimal amount of urea injection. A NOx sensor downstream of the SCR catalytic converter is used to monitor the performance of the catalytic converter. Accurate measurement of NOx is very necessary to meet the increasingly stringent regulations on NOx emissions. The NOx sensor is also capable of measuring the O2 concentration, as is the wideband air-fuel sensor.
The cost of the NOx sensor depends on the make and model of the truck. In our store you will find sensors from 1090 PLN net. Among others, sensors for Mercedes Benz ACTROS A0101531428 or A0101531628.


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