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EBS modulators - operation and regeneration

EBS modulators - operation and regeneration

EBS modulators - operation and regeneration

The electronically controlled EBS braking system allows you to synchronize the braking of the entire tractor-semi-trailer combination and detects irregularities in the braking process.

·       monitors the components of the braking system,
·       individually controls the pressure of the front and rear axles of the vehicle and the trailer,
·       ensures the proper functioning of the pneumatic reserve in the brake circuits.

An important element of the system is the EBS modulator. It receives a signal from a signal transmitter and wheel speed sensors. On this basis, it determines the pressure value for the front and rear axles of the vehicle and the semi-trailer control valve. The pressure calculated for the front axle is compared with the measured actual value. The differences are compensated by the relay valve. The pressure for the semi-trailer is determined in the same way. When the road wheels are locked, the pressure in the brake cylinders is modulated by the ABS system. The central module exchanges data with the axle modulator via the EBS system bus.

The EBS modulator functions as a pressure divider. Proper operation of this element allows to minimize the delay in the activation of the brakes. Thanks to the use of solenoid valves, the time between pressing the accelerator pedal and the clamping of the linings on the brake discs is shortened. This means braking distances up to 10% shorter.

Efficient operation of all components of the EBS system brings many benefits:
·       increasing the durability of friction linings,
·       reduction of expenses on the operation of the braking system,
·       improvement of travel comfort,
·       maintaining vehicle stability in emergency situations,
·       the possibility of using the car in more difficult terrain.

How is the regeneration of EBS modulators?

Incorrect operation of EBS modulators gives the following symptoms:
·       air loss in the system,
·       blockade of one or all semi-trailer axles,
·       ABS1 error display,
·       "sharp" semi-trailer brakes,
·       pulling the trailer to the right or left when braking.

In the event of the occurrence of the above-mentioned symptoms, computer diagnostics of the EBS modulator is necessary. In trucks, verification of this system is quite problematic. The reason is the fundamental differences in the construction of individual EBS systems installed in vehicles of different manufacturers. As a result, the diagnosis of individual components is slightly different in each case.

The first stage of EBS modulator regeneration is a thorough verification of the entire element. The degree of casing wear is assessed. Then the modulator is disassembled into prime factors. Individual elements are thoroughly cleaned. Only after that, the specialist assesses the degree of their wear. Components that cannot be repaired are replaced with new ones. In the next step, the valve is assembled and tested. They are to verify his actions. It is also necessary to program the valves through a configuration file adapted to a specific vehicle model.

Thanks to the use of original, high-quality parts, you can get a long-term effect and reliable operation of the modulator. Accurate diagnostics of these components shortens the regeneration time and helps to avoid unnecessary costs.

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